Our Saginaw Location is
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2015 Calendar of Events:

4 Training Sessions

Financial Management • Homebuyers Education • Foreclosure Intervention • Credit and Debt Management

Session #1 • Feb. 17, 18, 20, 2015
Session #2 • April 21, 22, 23, 2015
Session #3 • June 16, 17, 18, 2015
Session #4 • Oct. 27, 28, 29, 2015
Thursday Evenings • 6pm-9pm

– Clients will receive a Certificate upon completion 

Upcoming Events ...

Community Resource Fair - Show Me the Money Workshop – January 31, 2015

Get Your Home Improvements – Community Kickoff – March 11, 2015

Annual (70s) Fundraiser – March 27, 2015

Credit Check-Up Fair – “Come Get Credit Smart” Workshop – April 25, 2015

Jailhouse Rocks Community Lock-up Fundraiser – May 25, 2015

“Saving the Dream” – Free Concert in Bliss Park Fundraiser – June 26, 2015

Community Awareness Week Preparation – Bag Stuffing – August 3-7, 2015

Community Awareness Week – Door-to-Door Outreach – August 10-14, 2015

Community Makeover Week – Yard & Lot Clean Up – August 10-14, 2015

Community Block Party – Book Bag Give Away – August 15, 2015

Free Community Resource Workshop – October 21, 2015

Learn How to Shop on a “Shoe String” Budget Shopping Spree – November 13-15, 2015 (3 days 2 nights)

Annual Christmas Party – December 11, 2015

Board of Directors

Lee Austin - President
Debwin Simon - Treasurer
Linda Vanderpool - Vice President
Debwin Simon - Secretary
Alnisha Jackson - Director
Jerome Buckley - Director
Debwin Simon - Past President
Charlie DeMercurio - Past President
Otis Dickens - Past President
Pam Brazil - Executive Director

Advisory Council

Silas Brazil – TBI Construction
Patricia Franklin – Lindsey - Chemical Bank
James Howard – D&B Builders
Janice Knight - Professional Administrator
Lois A. Robinson - Retired

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What is Circle of Love

Circle of Love Community Development Corporation (CDC) is a Housing Education Center providing Affordable Housing Solutions for low-to-moderate income families in the Great Lakes Bay Region and Genesee County areas. It is our intention to assist individuals, regardless of background, ethnicity, or physical ability, to obtain modest, decent, safe and clean facilities for use as permanent occupancy. Circle of Love Community CDC provides housing education and counseling services, educational training workshops and referrals to assist the clients’ awareness and ability concerning the overall home buying process, including maintenance, safety, up-keep and financial responsibilities of the home once occupancy is obtained; thus, promoting self-enrichment, community pride and development. Providing foreclosure prevention counseling and related loss mitigation and educational services to families in need.


To Educate, Empower and Stabilize Communities to Achieve Affordable Housing Solutions.


To ensure that the Communities we serve are Vibrant, Mixed Income Neighborhoods that are Safe, Economically Stable and Attractive.

What We Believe

Homebuying and homeownership are a vital part of the American dream. According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, some of the most prevalent issues families’ face that deters them from buying a home is:

• A lack of inventory of affordable single family housing available for sale in many areas where a majority of residents are very low to moderate income families;
• A need for down payment assistance
• A lack of access to affordable mortgage credit;
• A lack of understanding of the homebuying process;
• Weak credit histories, often arising from a poor understanding of matters and where financial counseling is required;
• A lack of information about available homeownership programs in the community; and
• Language difficulties or cultural differences.

Circle of Love Community Development Corporation provides the services necessary to assist potential homeowners so that families can overcome obstacles and realize the American Dream. We help people understand how to prepare to buy a home.

Homeownership requires a planned, disciplined course of financial action. Teaching and reinforcing the basic lessons of financial stewardship develops necessary tools for successfully reaching one’s goals.

The Bible says that, “without a vision the people parish,” this is so true, without a planned (written) course of action and perseverance the dream/vision of obtaining a home seems far fetched and unattainable so we never pursue our dreams/visions and just give up.

I believe that dreams are fueled by faith and because Circle of Love CDC inspires that faith we create fertile ground for dreams to grow.


• Must meet the income limits based on family size for the area
• Must be unable to obtain sufficient credit from other sources
• Must have adequate repayment ability
• PTI debt ratio cannot exceed 29% for very low or 33% for low income families
• TD ratio cannot exceed 41%
• Cannot presently own a dwelling unless it is structurally unsound, functionally
   inadequate or not large enough to accommodate their needs
• Meet citizenship or eligible non-citizen requirements
• Possess legal capacity to incur the loan
• Personally occupy the dwelling
• Have an acceptable credit history
• Proof of employment (i.e., 2 pay stubs)

How to Qualify

To be eligible for HEP – Housing Education Program benefits:

1. The household income must be within the applicable income limits as seen below;
2. Client will be ready to purchase a home using a MSHDA mortgage product within 12 months of
completing the application. Once application is submitted a certified educator will pull a tri-merged credit report and review with client to determine if client qualifies for the Housing
Education Program.

In order to qualify, your household income must be less than: (in Saginaw County)

  One person: $30,050
  Two people: $34,350
  Three people: $38,650
Four people: $42,900
Five people: $46,350
Six people: $49,800
Seven people: $53,200
Eight people: $56,650

In order to qualify, your household income must be less than: (in Genesee County)

  One person: $29,900
  Two people: $34,150
  Three people: $38,400
Four people: $42,650
Five people: $46,100
Six people: $49,500
Seven people: $52,900
Eight people: $56,300


Please remember you may still qualify for a MSHDA loan even if you don’t qualify for MSHDA Housing Education Program benefits!

“Median income level subject to change, according to government regulations”

Educational Programs

Circle of Love CDC will work with eligible families to provide the necessary educational services that will empower them to become homeowners!

You Pay Nothing!

Down Payment Assistance: MSHDA will pay up to $7,500 towards down payment or closing costs

Home Inspection Funds: MSHDA will pay up to $750 for inspections prior to home purchase

What do you have to lose? Apply today!

HEP - Housing Education Program

HEP - Housing Education Program is a program offered by the Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) and Circle of Love CDC for low and moderate income families who are interested in becoming homeowners. Below is a list of the educational services we provide:

Homebuyer Education: Sessions designed to provide information about the process of home buying and home owning to potential homeowners.

Individual Counseling: Intensive budgeting, credit and debt management sessions delivered to eligible potential home buyers by Network Educators.

Financial Capabilities Education: Educational support groups designed to assist clients in addressing financial problems or barriers to their life goals.

Foreclosure Prevention: Education delivered to eligible home owning families for the purpose of saving their home from foreclosure. (Available for all types of mortgage loans)

Home Inspections: Eligible families may secure up to $750 in home inspections or any other inspection listed as a condition in the offer to purchase as an expense to the buyer. (Educators refer buyers to inspectors)

Education Provisions

Education may be provided on an individual basis or group setting in which the educator will provide the following:

• Education and advice to the client
• Interview the client in a private space in a confidential manner
• Identify resources that might assist in meeting the needs of the client
• Design an Action Plan. Client and educator must both sign the plan.
• Monitor the client’s progress and assist with resolving issues
• Administer education services provided under the MSHDA approved agreement
• Coordinate efforts with MSHDA, mortgage lenders, bankers, realtors and home
   inspectors in order to provide maximum service to the client
• Refer clients, as appropriate, to other community service organizations and agencies
• Provide Housing Education Services on a priority basis to low and moderate income clients

Affiliations and Sponsors

State and Local Affiliations

City of Saginaw (saginaw-mi.com)
Department of Housing and Urban Development (hud.gov)
Michigan State Housing Development Authority (michigan.gov/mshda)
Saginaw Community Foundation (saginawfoundation.org)
PIP (Property Improvement Program)
Fannie Mae (fanniemae.com)


KISS 107 (kiss107.com)

WSGW Newsradio 790 (wsgw.com)

Home Builders Association of Saginaw (hbas.org)

NeighborWorks America (nw.org)

Charter One Bank (charterone.com)

Chemical Bank (chemicalbankmi.com)

Independent Bank (independentbank.com)

Flagstar Bank (flagstar.com)

Fifth Third Bank (53.com)

MortgageLoan.com (mortgageloan.com/affordable)

Freddie Mac (freddiemac.com)

AmericaAmeriCorps Michigan (cedam.info)

Contact Us

Circle of Love
  (A Non-Profit Organization, Community Development Corporation)

Saginaw: This office is permanently closed.
Pamelia D. Brazil, Executive Director, pbrazil@circleoflovecdc.org